Military and Law Enforcement

Martial arts training should be an integral part of military and law enforcement programs – so much so that it would be wise to mandate martial training into their daily work schedules.  In addition to developing and maintaining a high level of strength and physical fitness, kung fu more importantly develops fighting skills that can save the life of those upholding the law.  Officers with a good deal of training not only increase their ability to survive physical encounters, but also increase the safety of their law enforcement counterparts and the public they’re sworn to protect.  Lastly, good kung fu training will also benefit those they are in conflict with as lethal force can be avoided when proper application of techniques are used to control a larger and more powerful opponent.  Of course, greater damage can be inflicted should the situation warrant it.

Military and Law Enforcement officers are offered discounted tuition.  Call 714.449.9125 for details.

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