Bully-Prevention For Kids

Millions of students grow up in a stress filled environment filled with bullying, violence, fear, and substance abuse.  This stress arrests academic achievement and impedes physical and mental health.  It’s typically something that is often repeated and almost always involves an imbalance of power.  Our school is uniquely qualified to address and provide solutions to this bullying pandemic.


Bully Prevention Skills

  1. Project a positive, assertive attitude by maintaining proper posture – keeping one’s head erect, back straight, and looking around to avoid trouble.
  2. Set a boundary – a space between you and the bully where if confronted the bully stays an arm-length away at a minimum.
  3. Firmly say “NO”, “STOP”, “BACK-OFF”, “STOP”, or “THAT’S NOT COOL” to a bully while looking at them in the eyes and walk away.  Be aware of where the bully is and what they might do, but purposely exit the situation ignoring any verbal abuse they may spew.
  4. Buddy up with a friend or more to avoid being alone with a bully.
  5. Keep cool and avoid emotional or physical confrontations with a bully.
  6. Practice martial arts to develop self-defense skill and the confidence to use it wisely when needed.  This ability to defend oneself changes the balance of power from the bully to the target.  Typically, possessing these skills prevents bullying in the first place as they empower would-be-victims.
  7. Help someone being bullied by alerting an adult, talk to the bully privately, support the target in front of the bully, and/or confront the bully.
  8. Avoid the situation, when possible.  It’s smart, not weak.

bullying boys

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