Kung Fu Is For….


Over the years, numerous families have joined the school and experienced the benefits of training together as a family unit.  Parents find it helps maintain close relationships with their children in a world where the parent’s work and their children’s school and social activities often draw them apart.  The fact is, there are very few activities where all family members can join, learn, and develop new skills together in a healthy, positive environment.  Our school presents a unique offering in that regard.

The benefits of kung fu training for children are pretty well known and spelled out in the “Kids” section of “Kung Fu Is For…”.  There are also specific benefits of kung fu training for women – most notably increased strength and fitness, as well as self-defense skills and the gained self-confidence.  The benefits of getting the entire family involved are very far reaching.


The energy of every child is different: they can be quiet or restless, serious or playful, creative or funny.  You can apply thousands of adjectives, but one thing is common for all kids; they have an abundance of energy. It’s up to their parents to channel this energy into the right direction.  It’s not an easy task.

Our school is a martial arts school, not a competitive sports organization. We don’t strive to extract maximum results from our student in the shortest possible time, nor get the most medals in competitions. Our priorities lay in improving the health and expanding the character and foundation of a real person.  One universal requirement for anything is health.  Self-defense is an important part of preserving ones health from physical violence.  For thousands of years, those who practice Chinese martial arts get phenomenal results, and not just in health improvement, but in overall self-development.


A Chinese proverb says, “A door pivot will never be worm eaten, and flowing water never becomes putrid.”  By paraphrasing some western wisdom per Isaac Newton, “A body in motion, will stay in motion.”  

Kung fu, particularly tai chi and the health exercises of chi kung, is an excellent practice for older adults to extend their lives and maintain a higher level of health.  It can be argued to be the best form of exercise as it coordinates a incredible number of body movements with breath and mental focus.  The physical exercises, punches and kicks, forms, grappling, and sparring training produce muscle development (particularly leg and core body), flexibility, balance and stamina.  Like anything, reaping the benefits of this magnitude requires consistent training, but those who maintain the discipline will find this virtual fountain of youth was well worth the investment of time and effort.



According to a 2000 survey conducted by the National Institute of Justice and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.  This is a startling statistic that needs to be changed.

Many people think that women and martial arts don’t mix. They think that women are too fragile. Or, if a woman gets involved in martial arts she will start fighting or get aggressive and mean.  None of these are true. In fact, these myths are just plain ridiculous.  Women will receive the same benefits of consistent kung fu practice as men:  excellent self-defense skill, challenging workouts that increase strength, stamina, and flexibility, and, lastly, a challenge that can last a lifetime.

Are Classes Too Rough?

While some martial arts styles are very rough, others are not. Believe it or not, even the rough martial arts classes can and should be taken by women.  Besides, potential aggressors are not going to attack daintily.  Women need to be prepared for what can come.  That said, everyone starts slow and advances at their own rate and protective equipment is used.

Will Women Become Aggressive?

Women who learn martial arts do not become more aggressive but instead become more confident. It teaches them patience and how to control their anger. It is especially beneficial to smaller women who need to know how to defend themselves. Actually, all women need to know how to defend themselves in case of emergency.

How the idea that women and martial arts don’t belong got started is a mystery. In fact, the two go very well together and have for many centuries. The benefits to women are too numerous to count. Not only does martial arts teach women to defend themselves when they need it, martial arts helps women look and feel better in the process.

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