Instructor – Scott Reilly

Scott Reilly

Scott began training at the school at the age of 15.  In addition to his kung fu practice, he attended college at UC Santa Barbara, moved to New York City and back, and started a family.  He has a great appreciation for the fighting abilities earned over years of hard training, as well as the health benefits that are the by-product of that hard training.

He believes kung fu rewards its practitioners with too many qualities to list.  For Scott, one of kung fu’s greatest functions is the teaching and providing of balance in what can become a hectic and full life.  The training also demands complete mindfulness and ensures a high-level of physical fitness.  Lastly, he is intrigued with the esoteric philosophies of the various Chinese martial arts.

Scott used to live down the street from the school, but now resides in Irvine with his wife and four kids. He works in the financial services industry and in his spare time he’s very active with his family riding bikes, playing sports, and cooking.


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