Black Sashes

Once a black sash, always a black sash.  To achieve this rank requires years of sweat, discipline, and consistency that developed martial skill and furthered the long history of our art.  For this reason we want to recognize all black sashes – both past and present.  Our active black belts need to continue to press themselves further to identify and improve on their weak areas and take their areas of strength to even greater levels.  We only ask that former black sash come by and say hello now and then – and, if they can, take a class.

Below is a list of those students, both former and current, who have attained the rank of black sash at this school (in no particular order):

3rd Degree

Doug Autenrieth – Kousha Najafi – Eugene Chan – Scott Reilly – Scott Fisher – Kent Parsons – Clement Lin

2nd Degree

Jerry Watson – Mirriam Noriega – Adrian Chan – Michelle McGraw – Eric Byers – Derek De Vany – Justin Ibarra – Jason Kasko – Anthony Sami

1st Degree

Ed Yu – Ben Varnel – Van Wray – Armando Ferrier – Cheryl Regener- Mark Fisher – Erica O’Young – Royce Love – Amie Hui – Laura Robert – Eva Schmidt – Steve Pahlsin – Taylor D’arlon – Niko Valdizan – Nathan Gershfeld – William Filmore – Thomas Pieracci – Carolyn Fisher – Kendolyn Fisher – Alan Fisher – Jane James – Peter Darcey – Sabojet – Lory Autenrieth – David Lopez – Joanne Schmidt – John Duanez – Chris McKeon – John Middleton – Shawn Thayer – Jody Andronco – Reagon Goodell – Jeff Hairston – Jennifer Manzan-Scrofini – Randy Culley – Maurice Carmeli – Ali Navid – Mitchell Morris – Chris Heh – Lindsey Ip – Oliver Heh – Ethan Hayashi – Morgan Quan – Joseph Kim – Eddie Pack

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