Testing Reminder

Brea Shaolin Kung Fu Testing

When you are told you may test, it is up to the student to determine for themselves if they are up for it – testing is not mandatory.  Keep in mind the following:

  • Testing is typically held on Saturdays.  Paperwork and payment must be submitted no later than the day before the test (Friday). 
  • Please arrive to the test at least 15 minutes before it is scheduled to begin… probably good to arrive 30 minutes before as a rule of thumb to get ready and warm up.
  • The “Second”  will provide instructions to the testing class prior to the test.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and inform the second about anything they need to know (i.e.  need to leave early, forgot sparring equipment, an injury, etc.)
  • Students taking the test are welcome to attend the class following the test.
  • Do not ask for results of the test.  Sifu will provide them do you in due time.

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