Cleaning Your Uniform

Brea Shaolin Kung Fu Uniform

Brea Shaolin Kung Fu Uniform

Keeping your training clothes clean and ready for future classes can require more effort than the typical washing.  As you know, most classes command a good deal of sweat from our bodies and that sweat collects bacteria as it reaches the surface of our skin.  That bacteria is often caught in the fibers of our uniforms – often causing them to smell a bit.  Here are a few tips to help keep your clothes fresh and clean:

  • Pre-soak your clothes in baking soda then wash as usual.
  • Plain white vinegar is another relatively inexpensive alternative.  There are three options:
    1. Soak your clothes in a mixture of a cup or two of white vinegar and water.  This should take about an hour or two.
    2. Add a half cup of white vinegar directly into the wash with the detergent.
    3. Fill a spray bottle with a diluted white vinegar mixture (1:1 ratio with water) and spray the areas that need attention and let sit for an hour.

Hopefully this helps you and and the kung fu brothers and sisters you train with.

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