Training Hall (or Mat) Etiquette

Unlike most Korean and Japanese martial art dojos, the Chinese training hall (or mat space) is not considered sacred.  Rather the area being trained in is looked upon as important for the reason of distance to the teacher and practitioners.  If someone unknown gets too close without being invited, they are not only considered rude, but it could be thought of as a hostile act or challenge.

At this school, we simply use the mat as a designated training area.  You only need to bow to a higher rank for a mutual agreement that you may enter their training space.  If no one is on the mat or if you would be the highest rank on the mat, you may enter the training hall at will.

The main idea behind this isn’t to give higher rank more privilege, but to teach the person coming on the mat caution of approach and good manners.  And it teaches the practitioner on the mat a good sense of his surroundings and alertness even when concentrating on a workout.  You can never be too aware!

Keep training…

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